A massage that combines technique and devotion to carry you to an experience of healing and wholeness.
The gift of serving life and the spirit of others.


More than 34 treatments


Hath Massage, besides being a very special technique of healing, is comprised of many different treatments that can be combined with each other, that which creates a very extensive permutation of possibilities to treat all kinds of symptoms and imbalances.”


It covers the spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Its application is with oil, as well as with clothes on, and there are even treatments with ice.

Experimental methodology


The Hath Massage courses are taught using a methodology that allows the student to know the technique in a simple way, and to be able to have a deep experience since the first moment, whether novice or professional.

The way of learning is completely experimental so that during the practice the student can give massages without the need of consulting the manual. This is because the teaching system is done in a space of spoken and meditative guidance.

Study Guide


During the course, the students receive a folder that includes the theory and the practices of Hath Massage, as well as techniques such as Chiropractic massage and Shiatsu, and basic notions of physical and energetic anatomy.

This manual contains the theoretical guide as well as the treatments with illustrations, the effects and instructions. It also gives the possibility to manually add personal notes taken in the classes.



Comments of our students

Sangat RajSangat Raj Kaur

“The meditative space that is generated during the massages is magic, sustains
you, and guides you. Beyond a simple physical massage , a sacred space is created that leads you to a deep healing. It is simply a different type of massage, which goes further, and clearly works. ”